Ментальный кошелек MM Wallet (Magicians Mentalism Wallet)

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Доставка по России и СНГ Гарантия качества

Описание Ментальный кошелек MM Wallet (Magicians Mentalism Wallet)



The Wallet is a “Z” fold type wallet with a secret window. If the wallet were laying flat on a table surface you can enter the “Exposed Side” (Fig.1) or the “Secret Peek Side,” (Fig.2) depending on which side you lift up. This wallet is very deceptive laying flat. You may choose to mark the wallet with a pen mark pressed in the corner for reference. Load your ID or credit card like item into the top compartment of the “Exposed Side” (Fig.1) of your Mentalism Wallet. You will also need two matching folded dollar bills, a borrowed business card, and a pen. The 2 folded matching dollar bills are to be loaded into the pockets in both the “Exposed Side” (Fig.1) and the “Secret Peek Side” (Fig.2). Note: You can also use a cutout piece of paper in place of the business card if one is not available.

MM Wallet

Step 1

Have your wallet laying on the table with the “Exposed Side” opened. Borrow a spectator’s business card and draw a circle on the backside.

MM Wallet

Step 2
Ask the spectator to secretly write in the circle any thought of number, color, state, etc.

MM Wallet

Step 3
Tell the spectator to place the business card with the secret written thought, face down in the wallets bottom compartment.


MM Wallet

Step 4
Tell the spectator to simply close the wallet and leave it on the table.

MM Wallet

Step 5
Tell the spectator you will bet $1 that you can read his or her mind! Pickup the wallet, but this time open the “Secret Peek Side.” While BRIEFLY opened, have a quick peek at your spectator’s written
thought and remove the duplicate $1.

MM Wallet

Step 6
Close the wallet and place it in your pocket. The trick is nearly over as you are about to become a “Mind Reader” by revealing your spectator’s written thought..

MM Wallet

Условия доставки

Вариант 1: Транспортная компания CDEK (СДЭК) - До Склада (Пункта самовывоза)


Стоимость доставки: 300 Р
Вариант 2: Транспортная компания CDEK (СДЭК) - До Двери (до квартиры)

Стоимость доставки: 400 Р
Вариант 3: Доставка Почта России по всей России


Стоимость доставки: 350 Р
Вариант 4: Транспортная компания BOXBERRY (до пункта самовывоза)


Стоимость доставки зависит от суммы заказа
Для заказов больше Стоимость доставки

10 000 Р

0 Р

Для заказов меньше 10 000 Р

300 Р
Вариант 5: САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ - доставка до ПСВ СДЭК


Стоимость доставки: 0 Р
Вариант 6: САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ - доставка до двери


Стоимость доставки: 300 Р
Вариант 7: САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ - Доставка до двери день-в-день

Стоимость доставки: 0 Р
Вариант 8: Электронные книги, обучения и пр контент!

Стоимость доставки: 0 Р

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